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Weekend Reading List

It was a big week for economic data releases. In addition to those, we cover some features for Financial Literacy Month and articles on a variety of topics from taxes to investing this week.


  • The March CPI came out Wednesday. Overall CPI increased 0.1% for the month and 5% year-over-year. But core CPI accelerated some. (CNBC)

  • This CNBC post is full of great charts that show you exactly how much more things cost than they did two years ago.

  • The March PPI was released on Thursday and producer prices actually declined for the month by 0.5% and were down 2.7% year-over-year. (CNN)

  • The Cleveland Fed Inflation Center provides a helpful infographic explaining why food and energy are removed from inflation calculations.

  • Listen to an interview with Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the IMF, as she discusses what she believes the Fed will do given the stickiness of core inflation.   (CNBC)

  • Given the headlines on big layoffs, labor market cooling off, and recession concerns, we may keep track of weekly jobless claims again. They were up slightly last week at 239,000. (Reuters)


  • This “Your Money” article explains how and why banks may close customer accounts if they find what they deem to be suspicious transactions on the account. (NYTimes)

  • This article takes a much closer look, based on new research, as to how the SVB bank failure could have spread further quickly had the Feds not taken the actions they took. It reveals that many banks have work to do to shore up their balance sheets. (NYTimes)

Financial Literacy Month

  • Investment News posted an article advocating for financial literacy in high schools, quoting Tim Ranzetta.

  • Watch Courtney Poquette on a news broadcast in Vermont, where legislation is being considered to make a class like hers a requirement. Listen to her students! (mynbc5)

  • Read about the Alabama bill that would make personal finance a graduation requirement. (WHNT)


  • The 60-40 portfolio strategy is back in favor. (WSJ-subscription may be required)

  • Visual Capitalist posted a graphic display of bond holdings around the world. See anything that surprises you?

Student Loans

  • The Supreme Court ruled not to intervene in the $6 billion student loan debt settlement (which was already being implemented) from the lower court providing relief to students who attended schools found to have misrepresented their offerings. (NBC)


  • Tax refunds are smaller this year, mostly due to elapsing of relief measures (AP). 

  • The IRS was audited and it is shocking how old their tech/IT is. (WSJ-subscription may be required)


  • Pew Research found that a growing share of women in heterosexual relationships are out earning the men (yet still doing more household chores.)


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