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Voyager High School Detroit, MI Future Wealth Builders.HEIC

About Us

Future Wealth Builders is an innovative program designed by Marvelous Lifestyles Outreach, aimed at empowering youth with essential financial literacy and life skills. Tailored for middle and high school students, the program offers engaging workshops and activities focused on budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding credit. Beyond financial education, it also covers critical life skills like decision-making, goal-setting, and effective communication, preparing students for a successful transition into adulthood. Through mentorship and practical learning experiences, Future Wealth Builders equips young individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to build a stable and prosperous future.

Our Program

Are you with an organization eager to make a meaningful difference for tomorrow? Explore the opportunities that await by enrolling in one of our youth financial literacy programs. Offering more than just educational content, these programs provide young people with the essential skills required to confidently tackle financial challenges ahead.


Give the youth the power to master budgeting, saving, investing, and credit management. Our specially designed programs aim to both motivate and educate, laying down the groundwork for a future of financial independence and success.


Seize this opportunity to positively impact young lives. Join us in our mission to create a financially savvy future. Contact us now and be part of the movement towards financial empowerment!

1st Annual Financial Literacy Month Celebration

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