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Building Better Businesses

At Marvelous Lifestyles Outreach, our vision is to create a community where we can help build better businesses as well as create a pathway for better business practices to help the overall well being of the community that the business serves. We take the approach of connecting you to the organizations and programs that can help you grow and stay sustainable.

Business Consultation


Guide You Through the Entire Business Funding Process

Securing financing is a challenge many small business owners face. We unlock your full potential by creating a strategy to get you the funding you need now and prepare for bigger opportunities in the future.

We assist you in preparing your business for lending, work to establish and build business credit, and introduce you to lenders who are eager to work with you both now and in the future.

We help you enhance your business credibility, build solid business credit, and connect you with the right funding to support your business growth effectively.

The Perfect Fit For Every Business

You need a specialist in business financing, from Business Credit to multi-million dollar traditional loans. We assist you in identifying the ideal financing solution for your immediate needs and devise a strategy to secure more favorable funding in the future.

Business Credit Lines

Get thousands in unsecured business credit lines

Credit Line Hybrid

Access up to $150,000 no doc financing 0% intro APR

Alternative Lending

Use your business strengths to secure funding

SBA Loans

Access the best funding for a growing business

Equipment Financing

Business loans to purchase almost all types of equipment

Revenue Financing

Use cash flow or merchant account to secure funding

Stop Looking and Start Funding!

Take your first step to finding your funding! Get your FREE funding plan and reveal what financing you can qualify for right now and prepare for future funding. 

Our Community Partner

Checkout our community partner that currently helps train, market and fund black entrepreneurs.
Currently serving the following areas:
West Michigan (Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids , etc)
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL

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